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Best selected tours, guided by acknowledged photography professionals

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Lavender fields of Bulgaria

Why to choose us?

EuroPhotoTour — is perfectly selected tours by experienced photogrphers, backgrounded by high service quallity and reasonable price.

Our tours main destinations are in Europe with Balkans region as the key one. It has reach culture and many climate zones, forming different landscape types, perfect for landscape, wild-life and different cultural societies travel photography.

Balkans are very attractive for your budget as well, because we can offer higher service here for affordable price.

One of our main rules is provision of high service, which could follow higher tour price in western European countries, but is absolutelly fine in Bulgaria and neighbour countries.

Personal assistance for every scene and all seminars are guided by acknowledged photography professionals in the selected genre. When there are few genres planned to be focused on during the tour, we provide specialist, qualified in every of them.

Upcoming Tours

Unremittingly we prepare  these tours in order to offer you the best, we caught by the matrixes of our cameras.

Lavender fields

Summer tour to Bulgarian Provence - rose and lavender valley.

You can catch apogee of the lavender in bloom just during two weeks in the year and we would like to invite you to do it together with us.

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Black Sea Peonies

Incredible Black Sea shore by the time of the wild peonies bloom.

Beautifull wild peonies by the rocky coast of the Black Sea, decorated by amazing sea sunrises and sunsets are the zest of this tour.

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Crocus flowers in Rila

Rila Crocus

Hiking to the Seven Rila lakes with accomodation in mountain hut.

Tour to Rila lakes is the great possibility to shoot crocus in bloom and visit one of the famous Bulgarian landrarks.

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