Stars, Peaks and Lakes of Pirin 2017-11-29T21:05:30+00:00

Project Description

Stars, Peaks and Lakes of Pirin

2-day tour to Pirin mountains, Bulgaria

  • Tour dates: 7 of August, 2015.

  • Difficulty – middle (you have to be ready for 2-3 hour hiking)

  • Equipment requirements — amature level DSLR camera

  • Participants quantity — 5

Pirin mountains are one of the pearls of the Balkans. National park Pirin is one of the 4 most beautifull national parks worlwhide. We will catch sunrises and sunsets along with an accent to the night shooting.
We’ll speak about ways to organize mountain hike, how to shoot Milky way and other topics, which will make you fall in love with mountains, coming back there again and again.

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