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Season 2018

Shiny Ice of Baikal

Whinter tour to the largest freshwater lake of the planet.

Baikal lake is famouns for its crystal clear water. When frozen, it becomes blue transparent ice, forming amazing ornaments. Ice pilings, caverns on the rocky shores and many kilometers long splits are iridescent in the light of the rising and setting sun.

Meteora – Floating in the Sky

Greek tour to the unique Meteora monasteries.

Meteora is one of the Greece wonders and one of its biggest monastery complexes, situated on the top of the giant rocks, as if they float in clouds, high up in the skies. We will capture these amazing constructions in the light of setting/rising sun and shining stars.

Cappadocia Dreaming

Spring tour to Cappadocia exterrestrial landscapes

Tour to the air baloons and stone pyramids is an unforgettable adventure for any photographer. We will live in the heart of the valley, surrounded by the ancient pyramids, which are still habitant by the locals, living there since 6th century BC.

Colorful blankets of Moravia

Spring tour to South Moravia endless fields

Tour to South Moravia is a great possibility to make particular landscape photos, that can be made with telephoto lenses only. Moravia is also called Chech Tuscany for it’s landscape and grape production.

Our partner in this tour is Vlad Sokolovski, who is one of the pioneers of this region photography popularization.

Black Sea Peonies

Spring tour to the Bulgarian Black sea.

Beautifull wild peonies by the rocky coast of the Black Sea, decorated by amazing sea sunrises and sunsets are the zest of this tour, that will make unforgettable backround for our shotting. During the tour we will visit Yailata national reserve and will try some night shooting.

Spring Tuscany

Tour to the Ligurian seashore and by the valleys of beautiful Tuscany

Detailed infromation will be available very soon.

Another Bulgaria

Spring tour by Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina and Rhodope mountains

Spring in Bulgaria is beautiful, full of crocuses in bloom, snowy mountainsб full-flowing rivers and scenic Rhodope mountains, covered by white trees.
We will visit mountain lakes, old authentic Bulgarian villages, architecture landmarks and objects of Bulgarian cultural heritage.

Rila Lakes and Crocuses

Summer tour to Rila and Pirin mountains.

Tour to Rila lakes is the great possibility to shoot crocuses in bloom and visit one of the most famous Bulgarian landmarks — Seven Rila Lakes.
We will shoot night scenes as well with traditional must-have introductory seminar for landscape and astrophotography.

Lavender Fields of Bulgaria

Tour to Bulgarian Provence — rose and lavender valley.

Last few year Bulgaria became world’s leader in lavender production and export. Even France is outmached by Bulgarian elndless lavender fields.
This tour gives great opportunity to get amazing shots for your portfolio. You can catch apogee of the lavender in bloom just during two weeks in the year and we would like to invite you to do it together with us. During the tour we will visit some different lavender fields with different shooting positions and will travel to one of the brightest symbols of Soviet epoch — abandoned and beautiful Buzludzha monument.

Stars, Peaks and Lakes of Pirin

Hiking to the mountain lakes of Pirin National Park

Pirin is one of the Top-10 most beaustiful national parks of our planet. We are going to hike to the pearl of this park – Tevno lake, where will have time to shoot surrounding peaks in the light of stars and golden hour sun.

By the Chuya Highway – From Altai to mongolia

Golden autumn in Altai and Golden Eagle festival in Mongolia

You will visit one of the most beautifull places of the autumn Altai and unique festival of Mongolian nomads. Hundreds of eagle hunters “berkutchi” in national suits are coming together, to find out, who is the best hunter of the year.

Autumn Colored Alps

Tour by the peaks and valleys of Dolomite Alps

Detailed infromation will be available very soon.

Golden Autumn in Tuscany

Autumn tour by the valleys of the famous Italian region

Tuscany is always beautiful, specially in autumn. Green autumn grass of the hills and yellow three leaves are covered by the golden light of autumn moderate sun and gulleys are toned by the veil of morning mist. We will visit Chinque Terre reserve on the Ligurian sea shore and will walk by the ancient streets of Etruscan castles.

To the Top of the World

Photo hiking to the Everest base camp.

During this breathtaking adventure we will see the greatest tops of the world and will visit Everest base camp (8 848m) where will be able to make great shots and see expeditions to the top of the mountain.

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