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Our Tours

Some people think, that photography tour is just a travel to the exact location in order to make a shot within provided time by the tour organizers. Actually, that's not right :) First of all, our tours aim getting the best photos, that are able to make on every location we visit. That’s why our tours are not just shooting, but learning new skills, with an assistance by our tour leaders and experience exchange between tour members.

2020 year

The Magic of the Arctic – Lofoten Islands

Lofoten islands is a unique place, where mountains, sea and famous Norwegian 'rorbu' houses compose outstanding landscape. All this beauty can be garnished with polar lights or Aurora Borealis, as it often happens in winter and we are going to be there at that exact time, to capture all colors of the solar winds.

Frozen light of Baikal

Baikal lake is famous for its crystal clear water. Being frozen, it makes blue transparent ice, making amazing patterns. Ice hummocks, ice caves by the rocky strand and ice cracks, spread to many kilometers shine in all spectrum colors during beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Winter time on Baikal lasts till the middle of the March, which is the best time to visit Olhon island and see amazing ice of Baikal.

Spring in Romania

Spring tour to the most interesting Romania landmarks

Tuscany in Spring

Tuscany in spring is the place of the ancient Etruscan castles on heels over endless green valleys with beautiful villas, lost in cypress groves and morning mists. Tuscany is the one of the most adored by the photographers places in the world.

Lavender Fields of Bulgaria

Last years Bulgaria became world’s leader in lavender production and export. Even France is outmatched by Bulgarian endless lavender fields. This tour gives great opportunity to get amazing shots for your portfolio. You can catch apogee of the lavender in bloom just during two weeks in the year and we would like to invite you to do it together with us. During the tour we will visit some different lavender fields with different shooting positions and will travel to one of the brightest symbols of Soviet epoch – abandoned and beautiful Buzludzha monument.

Photo-hiking in Dolomite Alps

Photography hiking in Dolomite Alps is the tour for the mountains and photography lovers. Beautiful places, amazing photos with no heavy backpacks.

Ladoga Skerries – Tour to Karelia

Forming of the Ladoga lake basin happened about 12 000 years ago, because of Valday ice age and further Baltic sea level rising, about 9 000 years ago...this everything has happened just to let us enjoy boating by the shores of the skerry land of Karelia, to shoot minimalistic landscape of countless islands, look for the seals, sunbathing on the shelves and breath in crystal-clear fresh air of this subarctic Karelia region.

To the End of the World – Kamchatka

Kamchatka is a far and rough land, attracting adventurers from all over the world. This tour won't leave you unconcerned and will stay in your memory forever.

Autumn in Romania

Tour to autumn Romania is made of scenic valleys, high passes, impressive castles, authentic craftsmen and delicious national cuisine.

Golden Autum in Altai

Altai is beautiful at the end of September. Banks of Chuya river are covered by yellow and red colors of autumn with turquoise inclusions of water smooth mirror. Snowy peaks of Aktru on the background of golden larch relic forests under the autumn blue sky inspire even those, who have seen autumn Altai many times.

Berkutchi festival in Mongolia

Golden Eagle festival is one of the brightest and eye-catching show, that takes place in western Mongolia every year. Hundreds of eagle hunters 'berkutchi' in national suits are coming together, to find out, who is the best hunter of the year. Along the festival, we will see endless Mongolian steppe landscapes and will stay in national 'yurta' houses by the shores of mountain lakes.

Autumn in Slovenia

Tour by the most beautiful Slovenia landmarks during the best time of the year for the photography purposes.